Holistic Support for Student Outbound Mobility Journey

This project will develop innovative and inclusive modules and resources to support students of all backgrounds and abilities throughout their outbound mobility journey. Student mobility supports in Canada overwhelmingly focus on pre-departure. This project fills this gap by placing equal emphasis on supports available to students during their time abroad and upon re-entry. Centered on […]

Moving Forward: Redefining Campus Accessibility Through Innovative Physical Mobility Solutions

This project aims to offer an inclusive and innovative approach to promoting student physical mobility by designing « high credit value” study abroad programs in which course credit for a single study abroad trip is maximized, thereby addressing two key barriers to participation for historically-underrepresented students: high cost, and delayed time to graduation. The project will […]

Vers une mobilité inclusive et visible

Le projet « Vers une mobilité inclusive et visible » est un projet de développement promotionnel pour une meilleure visibilité des projets de mobilité au Cégep Marie-Victorin, auprès des populations cibles du programme. Il vise, dans un premier temps, à acquérir une meilleure compréhension des obstacles systémiques à la participation aux projets de mobilité et dans un […]

Mobilisation commune de la formation générale pour démocratiser les parcours de mobilité international

Ce projet unit le Cégep de Chicoutimi et le Cégep de Jonquière, par la mise en chantier d’un projet de mobilité inclusif porté par les disciplines de la formation générale. L’objectif étant de démocratiser l’accès à la mobilité internationale pour toutes les clientèles des établissements, sans égard au programme d’étude choisi par l’étudiant. Le présent projet […]

Indigenous Global Partnerships for Student Internships

From the first round of Global Skills Opportunity funding, Langara College has had many requests from Indigenous students to intern with a global Indigenous community. In the context of this project, a consultant will be hired to conduct a survey of best practices of Indigenous internships and programs as possible locations for interns. The consultant […]

Improving the Delivery of International Mobility Wraparound Services to Indigenous and Low-income Students

Indigenous and low-income students in GSO programs often encounter obstacles while travelling abroad due to the absence of tailored pre-departure training and orientation. This can result in difficulties adapting to cultural differences, language barriers, and other challenges. This project aims to provide better resources and training modules primarily for Indigenous and low-income students, who make […]

Projet de renforcement des capacités organisationnelles en gestion des risques liés au séjour de mobilité à l’étranger

Ce projet consiste à mettre en place une stratégie de gestion des risques (élaboration de politiques, directives et procédures) pour les séjours à l’étranger et aidera le cégep à développer une boîte à outils pour opérationnaliser la gouvernance, notamment :   Évaluation de la sécurité d’un voyage (reconnaissance des risques)  Ententes avec les étudiants  Grille d’évaluation des capacités […]

Western Colleges Mobility Network

In this project, Douglas College will establish a Western Colleges Mobility Network (WCMN), a new network founded by nine colleges and institutes with the goal of increasing overall student mobility via field schools, short-term mobility, semester exchanges and hybrid opportunities.   The WCMN members will leverage government investment in the BC Transfer Guide and their own […]

Increasing Indigenous and Underrepresented Voices Through International Mobility

This project will support George Brown College in increasing equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) in study abroad and work-integrated learning (WIL) programming and services.   The college aims to build a culture of equity, reconciliation and belonging by creating a learning and working environment that embraces and honours the complex intersecting identities of our learning community […]

Study Abroad Software Implementation

The goal of this project is to implement software that is designed to handle student and staff mobility in post-secondary institutions.   SAIT currently uses manual processes that involve multiple tools (Excel, Word, Outlook, Logiforms, etc.) to track all aspects of academic partnerships, student applications, opportunities, checklists, pre-departure training, assessments, reports, and emails. The software being […]